About LYD;

Learn to Love Your Darkness. Learn to Love Your Self
m e n t a l  h e a l t h  a w a r e n e s s
Love Your Darkness is a mental health awareness brand trying to break the stigma.
Not everyone can be happy 100% of the time. It is okay to not be okay!
As for help, share your story, stay strong and know you are never alone. 
Love Your Darkness is run by a mental health advocate.
All resources, suggestions, information are strictly based off of research and personal experience.
There are no licensed professionals working behind the scenes.
This is only an AWARENESS brand and here to spread RESOURCES.
Everyone is encouraged to speak with a licensed profession.
We are only here to encourage that mission! 
Thank you for your continued love and support.  

Please email love.your.darkness112@gmail.com
for custom orders, questions or any concerns.
 - Alli Cate